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FAQ: Your Furnace Questions Answered

Furnaces are tremendously useful when they’re working at full capacity. However, sometimes problems such as mechanical issues may occur. Hence, we’ve assembled a convenient list of many popular questions regarding furnaces. Please keep in mind that we’ve only covered common problems here, if you think we’re missing something, make sure to contact us.

Important things to consider before considering the services of furnace experts:

1 – Has the filter been cleaned recently?
2 – Are there any power issues with the thermostat? Have you checked if it’s switched on?
3 – Are the thermostat settings at the right temperature?
4 – Do you have a gas furnace? Is the gas supply adequately connected?
What are the Guidelines for Servicing?

The rule of thumb to follow is to conduct yearly maintenance. If you decide to skip yearly maintenance, you’ll notice aspects such as efficiency and longevity of your furnace could deteriorate.

What are Common Signs to Look for Regarding Replacement?

No two furnaces are the same, as everything from internal mechanisms to design play a huge role in functionality. However, there are a few common issues to look out for regarding replacement:

– Corrosion throughout the body

– Noxious odors from the furnace

– Slow ignition

– Heat generation problems

– Light issues for gas-powered furnaces

When and Why Should I Buy a New Furnace?

Investing in a new furnace may be the best decision depending on your circumstances. Typically, the older your furnace, the better off you are with going with a completely new replacement. Older furnaces are notorious for being inefficient, so by going with a new design, you may find great boosts to efficiency and productivity.

What Should I Consider When Buying a New Furnace?

There is no single furnace that’s perfect for everyone, it all depends on your current situation. You must take into account a wide range of different factors, such as the specific use of the furnace and the overall budgetary constraints you face. If you’re not particularly experienced with using furnaces, then getting helpful advice from professionals may be the best option before making a new purchase. These professionals will analyze your situation and provide relevant recommendations regarding what furnace is likely best for you.

Should I Use a Professional Installing Service for My New Furnace?

You should never skip professional installing when it comes to a new furnace. The quality of your new furnace is irrelevant if you can’t install it properly onto your premises. The best furnace in the world will be entirely useless if it’s not properly installed. Make sure that you get the best installers possible that understand how to properly integrate the furnace into your property.

How Much Should I Expect to Pay for Furnace Installing Services?

Most installation services charge you a fee that is predominantly focused on how many hours of work are needed for proper installation. If you have a highly complex heating system, as well as a massive furnace, you’ll likely pay a higher price than someone with a simple and small heating system. The more complex your current situation, the longer it will take for installation, thus expect a higher installation fee.

Which Furnaces are Best for Residential Settings?

Once again, the specific type of residential setting is pivotal in determining what kind of furnace is most suitable. Large homes made out mostly out of timber will have different requirements when compared to small suburban homes. What you should consider for a residential setting are key factors such as the material used to construct the home as well as measurements like ceiling height. Once you’ve looked into these essential features, you’ll have a much better idea about what furnaces will be suitable.

Should You Go for Larger Furnaces?

You shouldn’t assume that bigger is better when it comes to a furnace. Although larger furnaces do have numerous upsides, there are also downsides as well. Big furnaces require more power and more space in order to operate. Hence, you can expect higher installation and maintenance costs as well as larger space requirements. Depending on what you’re looking for in a furnace, these requirements may be too burdensome for you to consider going with a larger furnace.

Is There an Ideal Time for Furnace Installation?

Generally, it’s better to get all of your furnace maintenance and installation needs finished before the colder months. However, if you’re looking to get installation done during peak winter periods, there shouldn’t be an issue so long as you use services of a respected professional.

After How Long Should a Furnace be Replaced?

You shouldn’t have any worries about replacement until at least ten years have passed since the original purchase. The longevity of your furnace will significantly depend on how well you’ve maintained and repaired it throughout the years. Generally, most people find that after 15 years there are permanent signs of age and inefficiency in their furnace. You should actively look for significant signs of dysfunctionality after 10 years of usage.

Can I Save Money by Reducing Energy Use?

You can significantly and easily reduce your monthly energy bills by actively monitoring your usage of heating and lighting. When looking to reduce energy usage, you should look into areas of your property that consume the most substantial amounts of energy on a regular basis. Once you’ve found these high energy consumers, you should lower thermostat settings to reduce energy usage. Furthermore, using high-efficiency furnaces will also help you lower power consumption, with high-efficiency furnaces having an efficiency rating of a touch below 99%.

What’s the ENERGY STAR Logo? Does it Matter?

ENERGY STAR logos are found on equipment and appliances which have considerably lower energy consumption than other comparable products. Hence, the logo should be something you consider when searching for furnaces. Furnaces with this logo will have better energy efficiency, which leads to lower bills as well as a lower impact on the environment.

What Tactics Should I Use to Make Heating More Efficient?

Starting off with an efficient furnace is easily the best way to make heating more efficient. You should also consider:

– Using technicians to ensure your system is running smoothly each year

– Inspecting and replacing air filters on a regular basis

– Cleaning the unit for dirt and grime throughout the year

– Using a constant setting on your thermostat

Should I Consider Using Programmable Thermostats?

Compared to other thermostats, a thermostat with programmable capabilities gives you many more options. These thermostats allow you to actively set, change, and monitor temperatures throughout the day. The greater control gives you peace of mind regarding the when and how of your thermostat system.

Which Air Filter is Best for Me?

Make sure to find an air filter that’s easy to maintain and clean, as dirty and unmaintained filters do more damage than good. Secondly, check that the filter itself has all of the features necessary to ensure HVAC efficiency and effectiveness, such as whether it can filter out very fine particles.